Project Description

from 101 Music Pty Ltd
 now available via Harvest Media distribution

delightful orchestral flavors featuring positive and affectionate love themes

composed by: Dominic Messinger

affectionate, positive, happy, jubilant, inspiring, loving, beautiful, reflective, rich, optimistic, passionate, poignant, joyful, delightful, cheerful, sweet, euphoric, blissful, romantic, gentle, caring, warm, touching, lush, sincere, introspective, tender, content, heartfelt

feature film, television drama, documentaries, romance, love stories, human relationships, advertising, leisure and reality tv

track titles:

Sweet And Gentle, Warm Textures, Inspirations, Romantic Interlude, Kind And Caring, Close To My Heart,
Compassionate, Introspective, Joyous Occasion, Kiss Me Now, Reunited, Longing For You