101 Music Pty Ltd® creates original music uniquely designed for powerful storytelling. Quality, value and artistry are our priorities, delivering ‘emotional solutions through music’.

Music is an invisible character, working as a 3rd dimension to define stories. 101 Music Pty Ltd® is a distinctive music catalog that delivers the ambience, the mood, the feeling, the emotion, the tone and the atmosphere you need to propel the stories you want to tell.

‘101’ focus Keywords
articulate, imaginative, expressive, inspiring, compelling, evocative, intelligent, inventive, unique, original, evergreen, organic

Owned and operated by multi-award-winning composer Art Phillips with credentials including acclaimed international television series, feature films and advertising soundtracks. Art is a two-time Emmy Award winner, recipient of Gold and Platinum record awards and numerous screen music and production music awards. 101 Music works with a team of renowned music artists, composers, producers, audio & mastering engineers and metadata experts, creating a distinctive brand of music product that makes a difference.

101 – emotional solutions through music

Art Phillips – owner, director, executive producer, composer – 101 MUSIC PTY LTD®



For further details, about the owner: www.artphillips.com

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Latest Releases

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