Project Description

from 101 Music Pty Ltd
 now available via Harvest Media distribution

peaceful and serene minimalistic orchestral soundscapes depicting human emotions


composed, produced and performed by: Art Phillips


tranquil, dreamy, minimalistic, cosy, meditate, warm, romantic, delicate, intimate, sweet, gentle, caring, soft, peaceful, arousing, tender, pensive, introspective, sincere, caring, mellow, thoughtful, beautiful, compassionate, sensitive, loving, serene, heartfelt, open, kiss

film, tv drama, documentaries, romance, spiritual healing, health and well-being,
human relationships, meditation, travel and reality television

track titles:

Caress, Melancholy, Life is Good, Gentle Touch, Thoughtful Moments, Heart To Heart,
True Love, Sincerity, Dreamscape, Contemplate, Quiet Times, Bittersweet