Art Phillips


Two-time EMMY winner, APRA award winner and composer for a myriad of TV series and movies both in Australia and the USA. Beginning his music career in the early 70s as guitarist in Los Angeles, Art made a name for himself as one of LA’s top recording session guitarists, working and performing with the likes of Barry Manilow, Minnie Riperton, The Carpenters television specials/NBC TV, Dory Previn, Burl Ives, Demis Roussos and The Lettermen. In addition, Art composed music for the television series ‘Santa Barbara’ where he received two ‘Emmy Awards’ for his contributions as composer from ‘The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ for ‘Outstanding Music Composition in a Drama Series’ in both 1987 and 1988.

Art was musical director, conductor, arranger and orchestrator on live concert tours for Demis Roussos, Dory Previn, John Rowles and toured as guitarist for Barry Manilow for over 3 years. He produced recordings for Demis Roussos, Barry Manilow, Sally Kellerman (hot lips from MASH) and John Rowles, achieving a Gold Record award for his production work on Johns’ renowned album ‘Another Chapter’ (EMI Records).

Arts’ early composition credits include writing incidental music for the US television series ‘The Love Boat’, penned the top 10 R&B single ‘Here We Go’ for recording artist Minnie Riperton, and the ‘Motown Record’ release ‘Now That I Have You’ for recording artist ‘Teena Marie’ from the album ‘Lady T’.

In 1987 Art moved to Sydney. The list of Australian-made TV shows and films he’s worked on is endless: Channel Nine’s ‘Missing Persons Unit’, SBS documentary ‘Dead Tired’, ABC’s ‘Outback House’, ‘The Flying Vet’, ‘The Secret Lives of Sleepwalkers’, ‘Made in China’, ‘Neighbours’ for Grundy Television, and the 13-part television series and telemovie ‘Pirate Islands: Lost Treasure of Fiji’, to name a few.

Art has a long list of credits writing and producing original music for the production music library companies FirstCom Music, Universal Production Music, Sonoton Music, 5Alarm Music, OneMusic, EVO, Access Music, Groovers Music, and many others. He has accomplished over 100 library production music album releases (some 1,200 musical compositions) in a diverse array of styles. His production music has been used in television shows throughout the world including Cold Case Files, Hollywood Medium, The Dog Whisperer, E True Hollywood Story, America’s Most Wanted, Current Affair (US), Celebrity Profile, NYPD Blue, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Survivor, 60 Minutes, Dancing With The Stars, The Ricki Lake Show, Good Morning America, Amazing
Medical Stories, Harry’s Practice, The Great Outdoors, Dateline, Extra-The Entertainment Magazine Show and The USA Today Show.

Art is the owner and director of his own production music library company, 101 Music Pty Ltd, with 43 album releases in his catalogue with distribution and representation in 80 countries.

He is the longest standing President of the ‘Australian Guild of Screen Composers’, 2001-2008, and served as Vice-President from 1992-2000.

He acts as ‘International Relations Liaison’ for the ‘Australian Guild of Screen Composers’ (AGSC).

In 2016, Art was appointed ‘Deputy Chair of the Academic Board’ of ‘The Australian Institute of Music’ (AIM), and has been an Academic Board member since 2013.

Art is also on the ‘Academic Senate Board’ at ‘Universal Business School Sydney’ (UBSS), and is also a member if their ‘Course Advisory Committee’. He is a fellow at UBSS, and in 2017 received a Fellowship Award ‘In recognition of distinguished contributions to entrepreneurship in Australia’. Art has written two case studies for UBSS and will deliver that content in 2019.

In 2018, Art was honoured with the title ‘Adjunct Professor’ for his extensive work in academia and his prolific career profile in the music industry as a music composer, producer, arranger/orchestrator and business entrepreneur. The title was bestowed by UBSS, Universal Business School of Sydney, where Art lectures and adjudicates on the occasional basis.

Phillips is a councillor for ‘Music Australia’ (formerly ‘The Music Council of Australia’) representing ‘Music in Film and Television’, 2005 ~ current.

In 2011, Art was ‘Consultant’ to the University of Western Sydney College’s ‘Associate Degree in Creative Industries’ program where he supervised and delivered a series of case studies for the units. He was also Chair of the ‘Course Advisory Committee’ at UWSCollege, 2011~2013.

Art has passed on his knowledge and expertise to countless students at Universities and Institutions across Australia and abroad, and is an active and valued member of the music community in Australia.

Phillips holds a ‘Masters of Music Studies’ from ‘Griffith University/Queensland Conservatorium of Music’ (1999).

With many credits to his name, his list of honours is equally as impressive:

In 2019, Art was honoured with a ‘Global Music Award’ for his song, ‘All Along’, produced by Art Phillips Music Design, ‘Songwriters / Music & Lyrics’: Art Phillips & Bev Klingsick.

In 2018, he received a ‘Global Music Award’ for his album ‘Italian Holiday’, from his production music catalogue 101 Music Pty Ltd.

Also in 2018, Art was nominated by the Production Music Association ‘Mark Awards’ (USA) for ‘Best Jazz Artist’ for his album ‘Italian Holiday’ featuring Phillips on electric and acoustic guitars, released by his record label 101 Music Pty Ltd.

In 2016, ‘The Tonight Show’ (USA), starring Jimmy Fallon, licensed Art’s song ‘Lazy Afternoon’ for use as guest ‘play-ons/play-offs’ featuring the original artists ‘The Roots’, the Tonight Show’s house band, who also co-wrote the song with Phillips.

In 2012, Art received a nomination for his song ‘Break These Chains’ (Art Phillips/ Gareth Hudson) at ‘The Australian Blues Music Awards’ from recording artist ‘Buddy Knox’, ‘Best Duo or Group of the Year’ award.

In 2008, he received a nomination for ‘Best Original Music in a Children’s Television Series’ for ‘The Lost Treasure of Fiji’ from ‘The APRA/AGSC Screen Music Awards’ and also received a nomination in 2007 for an earlier episode in the same television series.

In 2006, Arts’ original song composition ‘Floating’ (Phillips/Rudolph/Talbot) from US recording artist ‘Megan Rochell’, achieved Billboards top-40 R&B chart position.

In 2005, Art was nominated for an ‘ARIA’ award for ‘Best Original Soundtrack Album’ for ‘Outback House’.

In the same year, Phillips was also nominated by the ‘APRA/AGSC Screen Music Awards’ for ‘Best Music in a Television Series or Serial’ for ‘Outback House’.

In 2004, he was awarded ‘Best Original Song’ by ‘The Johnny Dennis Trust Music Awards’ for ’One Step Closer’.

In 2004, US recording artists ‘Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moore’ recorded his song ‘Here We Go’(Phillips/Rudolph) on their platinum sales album ‘Things That Lovers Do’.

In 1996, Art was nominated by ‘The Australian Guild of Screen Composers/APRA Screen Music Awards’ for ‘Best Soundtrack Album’ for the production music album ‘Dramatic Impact 1’.

In 1995, Phillips was awarded ‘The APRA Award for Best Soundtrack Album’ for his musical score to the ABC television series ‘The Flying Vet’.

In 1990, Art was nominated by ‘The Australian Film Institute – AFI awards’ for ‘Best Original Music in a Feature Film’ for ‘Sher Mountain Mystery’.

In 1989, Phillips’ full orchestral musical score for ‘The State Bank Corporate’ was awarded ‘The Television Society of Australia – The Penguin Award Best Corporate Film’.

In 1988, he received an ‘Emmy Award’ from ‘The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ for his contributions to ‘Outstanding Music Composition in a Drama Series’ for the daytime television series ‘Santa Barbara’.

In 1987, Art received an ‘Emmy Award’ from ‘The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ for his contributions to ‘Outstanding Music Composition in a Drama Series’ for the daytime television series ‘Santa Barbara’.

In 1987, Phillips’ song ‘Here We Go was included on the ‘Grammy Award Archive Collection’ by recording artist ‘Minnie Riperton’ (Capitol Records).

In 1984, he was awarded the RIAA Certified ‘Gold Record Sales Award’ for ‘Here Comes The Night’, recording artist ‘Barry Manilow’ (Arista records), where Phillips appears as recording guitarist.

In 1983, Art was awarded the RIAA Certified ‘Gold Record Sales Award’ for ‘A Touch More Magic’, recording artist ‘Barry Manilow’ (Arista records), where Phillips appears as recording guitarist.

In 1981, he was awarded the RIAA Certified ‘Gold Record Sales Award’ for ‘Another Chapter’, recording artist ‘John Rowles’ (EMI Records), record album produced, arranged & orchestrated by Phillips. Phillips also appears as recording guitarist on the album.

In 1980, Arts song ‘Here We Go’ (Phillips/Rudolph), recorded by vocalist ‘Minnie Riperton’ achieved the ‘top 10 position on the USA R&B Billboard charts’. ‘Here We Go’ was included on Ripertons very last record album, ‘Love Lives Forever’. Riperton passed in July 1979.