Project Description

from 101 Music Pty Ltd
 now available via Harvest Media distribution


Slick urban street grooves featuring unsettling tense soundscapes
and impact percussion for dangerous edgy drama.

Composed by: Gary A. Piatt

Concerned, troubled, apprehensive, uneasy, trepidation, unsettled,
edgy, anticipation, dangerous, tense, anxious, foreboding,
uncertain, dramatic, urban, action, investigative,
detective, crime, forensic, impact.

styles | genres | usage

Instrumental, urban tension, edgy contemporary street grooves,
detective, crime, forensic, action, drama, investigation, trailers.


track titles

Boiling Point, Urban Backstreets, Forensic Search, Edge Of Night,
On The Prowl, Critical Investigation, Missing Persons, Delirious Mind,
Grave Concerns, Catch Me If You Can, Mounting The Case, In Pursuit

about the project

Urban Drama (101M033), was composed by Gary A. Piatt, whose credits include music in the television series American Race, Tornado Alley, Vice, The Today Show, Hunting Hitler, Dateline, Love & Hip Hop, Black Ink Crew, 20/20, Dr Oz, Alone, Pawn Stars, Porn Stars, to name a few.

“When I was approached to write an album for 101 Music Pty Ltd, I was excited to open up the urban sound palette and explore fresh new approaches to my scoring, focusing on backstreet detective crime solving material. To help engage best with the after hour inner city street vibe, I decided to take a week away from the studio and drive around the east coast of the USA through various city centers in my ‘Piatt mobile’, a new French car design. Weather permitting, I rolled my car windows down listening to the sounds and ambient grooves coming from housing areas, the city centers and rural street noise, sometimes blaring audio coming from other cars and homes, sometimes metal chains on snow tires grinding and blaring under carriage.

“In my sound palette, I pre-recorded and constructed audio samples inclusive of unique organic elements such as trash can lids thrown against brick walls, metal fence scrapes, iron waste container hits using various metal poles and snow tire chains, along with edgy ethereal synth atmospheres, bass pulses, and urban drum grooves to create a concerned, troubled, investigative detective style genre, some tracks with action trailer-like focal points, and some with apprehensive and unsettling tension – all for film and television drama.

“And, believe me, the tension was riveting, especially when I invoiced Art at 101 Music Pty Ltd for the travel costs, where he protested that a ‘Piatt mobile’ is a made-up brand and was therefore not able to reimburse my expenses”.

Gary A. Piatt – composer and French car designer

“Thanks Gary – great work”!

Art Phillips – managing director, owner, 101 Music Pty Ltd