Nomination – Production Music Association, PMA 2018 Mark Awards

September 18, 2018

Dear family, friends and ‘101 Music’ sub-publishers/distributors,

 This came as a wonderful surprise and is an absolute honor to receive a nomination for ‘Best Production Music Library Jazz Artist’ from the PMA (Production Music Association) in the USA,  2018 MARK AWARDS.

The album release where this nomination aligns to is from my production music library record label ‘101 Music Pty Ltd’ that created ‘ITALIAN HOLIDAY’ (101M032) – composed, produced & performed by myself, Art Phillips/Arturo DiFilippo (electric and acoustic guitars).

‘ITALIAN HOLIDAY’ was released in the 101 Music Pty Ltd production music library catalog in January 2018   ITALIAN HOLIDAY’ (101M032) – 101 Music Pty Ltd, production music release  and is also commercially released and can be purchased at the Apple Music store ‘ITALIAN HOLIDAY’ – artist: Art Phillips/Arturo DiFilippo, commercial release (apple store)

This is a special distinction for me and I am thrilled to receive this nomination, especially as the album is a tribute to my father who was a great guitarist from Erie, Pennsylvania (USA), also named Arturo Phillips, and how I learnt from the age of 5, playing the old classic Italiano songs together with my grandpa on mandolins, my Dad and I on guitars – playing in nonno’s kitchen many a night per week all through my childhood.

On this project, I played my fathers ‘1937 Gibson L-12 guitar’ with a classic ‘40’s DeArmond’ floating pick-up, and I also played my grandpa Antonio DiFilippo’s ‘1942 Gibson A-40 mandolin’. DiFilippo is my heritage family name, hence the release name with Arturo DiFilippo as the tribute.

I thank my father for his inspiration, love and passion with music, and I also gratefully thank and acknowledge the Production Music Association (PMA) for all that you do for our industry on an international level. In particular, I acknowledge the late Andy Mark for the creation of ‘The Mark Awards’, and thank all the judges who put in an extraordinary amount of time and expertise into the awards system each year.

This album, Italian Holiday, features the most synchronized and performed works from the ‘101 Music’ catalog:


Quote: “Art, I listened to your Italian album ‘Italian Holiday’ (101M032), beautiful work – I felt as if I were in Italy.  ‘Amore’ is especially gorgeous”.
Barry Manilow – vocalist & recording artist, songwriter, music producer & arranger (June 2018).

Passionate Hearts

Soul Of Italy

Italian Delight

Thank you for your friendship and continued support of the ‘101 Music Pty Ltd’ ® catalog.


Art Phillips

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