101M052 Heart Songs

itunes spotify amazon Heart Songs Artist: Art Phillips and the 101 Music Group description: Soul-stirring, genuine, profound, moving. A collection of melodies and lyrics, featuring a variety of musical styles and artists, that expresses a multitude of human feelings to provide emotional solutions to our experiences and the stories you want to tell. [...]

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‘SAGE GIGS’ promotional video

  MEAA, MUSICIANS UNION OF AUSTRALIA ‘SAGE GIGS’ promotional video Music by 101 Music Pty Ltd Art Phillips - composer Survival in the Covid 9 environment for musicians and music industry personnel. Keywords: Music, emotions, reality, work, support, safety, performance, gigs, live, recorded, videos, musicians, performers, life SAFE [...]

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Radio interview with Art Phillips, about his work with recording artist Teena Marie and her album ‘Lady T’ (Motown Records).

Art Phillips, featured guest on Eastside radio Sydney, 89.7 FM, with presenter Christopher Zinn on ‘Consumed By Soul’ – the Teena Marie special, November 15, 2019 - about Art’s song ‘Now That I Have You’ (A. Phillips/R. Rudolph/C. Talbott) and also featured is Art’s song and artist release, All Along’ (Art Phillips/Bev Klingsick) [...]

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USA Seggi Radio Show Today – October 2019

Thank you to my dear friend Ron Seggi, 'USA Seggi radio show today', for this great chat & interview together, following my dear friend Barry Manilow's interview with you - what timing. Life is sweet - as our careers continue to cross and join together after all these wonderful seasoned years. Many hugs [...]

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Nomination – Production Music Association, 2018 Mark Awards

Nomination – Production Music Association, PMA 2018 Mark Awards September 18, 2018 Dear family, friends and ‘101 Music’ sub-publishers/distributors,  This came as a wonderful surprise and is an absolute honor to receive a nomination for ‘Best Production Music Library Jazz Artist’ from the PMA (Production Music Association) in the USA,  2018 MARK AWARDS. The album release where this nomination aligns [...]

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