101 ‘Marketing & Promotional’ tools to help you promote the album to your clients! 

AFTER DARK Vol 2, 101M064

Promotional Video – is a 30 second visual and audio teaser of one of the top tracks on the album, which highlights the mood and flavour of the album product.

You should copy the link below the video to use in your promotions for this album asset.

Music Sampler – a music audio teaser, using 30 seconds of each track title contained on the album, edited tightly together to make one continuous flow of audio that showcases the album track order, the feel of the music and emotional content, which highlights to your clients what this album release is all about.

You should copy the link below to use in your promotions for this album to your clients.

Email Signature Banner – You can use this banner image as an enticing marketing tool by placing the banner under your signature in your emails or when promoting the album in any written form to your clients. Simply add the banner where you wish and add a direct ‘clickable weblink’ to this album that is located on your own distributor website.

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Album Release Promotion

Advertising Metadata

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