‘SAGE GIGS’ promotional video

Music by 101 Music Pty Ltd
Art Phillips – composer

Survival in the Covid 9 environment for musicians and music industry personnel.

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SAFE GIGS: Musicians Australia

“This is our opportunity to rebuild the music industry on our terms.”

As restrictions ease, musicians are being asked to play gigs at rock-bottom rates in unsafe working conditions. Let’s get one thing straight: if a venue is opening, and serving drinks and food, they’ll be paying staff and ensuring compliance with Work Health and Safety laws. If they also want to put on gigs, the musicians that play those gigs also deserve to be safe and paid a fair fee.

The ‘SAFE GIGS’ framework launched by Musicians Australia members across the country tonight will ensure that musicians are safe at gigs, and won’t be ripped-off in the process.

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Musicians Australia Members in order of their appearance:

Xani Kolac
Professional Violinist, Singer/Songwriter

Carl Polke
Professional Musician, Composer, Sound-Designer and Producer.

Fiona Steele
Professional Singer and Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin and Electric Bass Player

Kimberley Wheeler
Professional Songwriter and Computer Geek

Luke Plumb
Professional Musician and Producer

Gordon Rytmeister
Professional Drummer

Leon Gaer
Professional Musician and Composer Posted by Musicians Australia on Monday, June 22, 2020