Thank you to the ‘Global Music Awards’
for this recognition and honor as a 2019 winner.

Artist, Producer & Composer: Art Phillips,
for 101 Music Pty Ltd®


Sophisticated and seductive chill-out lounge tunes for those luxurious
and passionate moments featuring rich electric guitars,
warm strings and smooth percussion grooves.

Album Credits

Produced, Arranged & Performed by Art Phillips
All compositions composed by Art Phillips
‘Just You and I’, ‘Forevermore’ ‘All Along’ – Composed by Art Phillips
& Bev Klingsick
Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, classical nylon guitar, mandolins, live
percussion, bass and keyboards: Art Phillips
Vocals on ‘Just You and I’, ‘Forevermore’ &‘All Along’: Justine Bradley
Mixing & Mastering: Kathy Naunton, dB Mastering (Sydney, Australia)
Recorded at Art Phillips Music Design (Sydney, Australia)
Album cover and banner artwork: Pete White, Twin Pete’s Creative
Metadata: Bev Klingsick & Art Phillips
Website: Dylan Prior, United Business Solutions

track titles

Silk Lining, Just You and I, Smooth Groove, Free and Easy,
Forevermore, Summer’s Here, Sheer Luxury, All Along,
Debonair, Sophistication, Passionate Affair,
That Special Feeling

Meet the guitars & mandolins
that were played on this album.

(L-R) My fathers Gibson L-12 archtop acoustic guitar built in 1942, a 1960 Gibson Country & Western acoustic, my grandpa Perrier’s 1910 ‘The Gibson’ round hole acoustic, my fathers Gibson L-12 archtop acoustic built in 1937 with a classic 40’s DeArmond floating pick-up, my Ramirez classical nylon guitar, my grandpa DiFilippo’s Gibson A-50 mandolin / 1948 model, (front row L-R) a 1973 Catania Carmelo mandolin made in Rome Italy, and my 1914 A.C. Fairbanks Company ‘Regent’ mandolin (Boston, Mass. USA).


101M043 JUST YOU & I

This recording is inspired by my Italian upbringing and my father’s musical influence on me with the sensitive and passionate guitar music of Italy, France and Latin America.

The compositions on this album are original works composed from the musical inspiration of the bossa nova and samba with a light jazz touch, and the influences from the great guitarists and composers: Antonio Carlos Jobim, Joao Gilberto, Laurindo Almeida, Baden Powell, Charlie Byrd, Tony Mottola, Herb Ellis and Joe Pass.

The bossa nova is a light jazz samba style originating from traditional Brazilian music and rhythms with a hint of American jazz. It was born on the tropical beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, around the late 50s, when a small group of artists and musicians joined together to create a fresh new musical sound.

It became the music of choice for a smart, young, urban Brazilian middle class as the local economy boomed.  It drew from the dance traditions of the samba but added a new musical complexity, modernity and poise with a cosmopolitan sensibility.  It’s a fusion of gorgeous melodies with rich harmonic chordal voicings inspired by the French impressionist composers such as Debussy and Ravel.

The bossa nova has a serenity and preoccupation with the sun, the sea, like an island paradise and sweet romantic love – and is a major part of Brazil’s musical architecture.

This album is a vibrant collection of elegant and sophisticated chill-out lounge style compositions for those luxurious and passionate moments featuring rich electric guitars, warm strings and smooth percussion grooves.

The album consists of 12 main titles, vocal/lyric versions of three of these titles, underscores, :30s and stings of each.

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Art Phillips
owner | director, 101 Music Pty Ltd